Hericium erinaceus

Lion's mane fungus.

A well-formed mature fruiting body on a shadow stump of English oak in Pitsea, Essex.
Peripheral to the stem of a Swedish whitebeam in Basildon, Essex
Archetypal rosette forming at the base of whitebeam in Basildon, Essex
Tiered rosette between buttresses of poplar in Basildon, Essex
Cross-section showing flesh and tube layer on an ash stump in Wickford, Essex

Common name

Lion's mane fungus

Often found on

Beech and oak.

Sometimes found on

Other broadleaved species.


Found fruiting usually on stems and larger branches.


Annual . Individual spines outwardly splay from a central point that sweep downwards to form a rounded fruit body. Off-white to beige-cream colour that may blacken with age.

Confused with



This species is protected by law. Very rare in the UK outside of cultivation. Findings should be reported to Kew Gardens for recording. The supporting wood substrate should be conserved.