This mobile app’ is intended to be of principal use for those in the UK to supplement ground-based or crown-based tree inspections for the purpose of health and safety. Therefore, we recommend that this app’ is used in the field setting, first and foremost. Whilst the means of fungal decay by different fungi stands to be rather uniform across the continent and more broadly the world, host-specific associations differ and climatic variations have an impact upon the speed of rot and tree defences. Therefore, for those using this app’ outside of the UK, please be aware that local information should also be utilised (i.e. publications from your country of origin).
Regarding the fungi detailed within this app’ and the species associations, this app’ covers the majority of routinely-found fungi and their associations with trees but is by no means a complete guide. Therefore, we welcome any feedback and proof of different associations.
The information provided in this app is of a general nature. Specific instances of tree/fungi associations should be investigated by an arboriculturist.


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